Monday, February 1, 2010

My Grandmother

My grandmother had a gold box that sat on the table next to her chair. It was a large table and on the other side of the table was my grandfather’s chair. His was more worn and sank deeper when you sat since it had held his large frame so many years. His sat empty for a few years while my grandmother still occupied her chair on her side of the table. He chair faced the TV and the only thing I clearly remember her watching was the Cowboys. The gold box that was on her side of the table within her reach held things that she needed on a regular basis, an emery board, needles for needlepoint, a tiny pair of scissors, an extra pair of reading glasses, a thimble, a twenty dollar bill, and mints. These are the things I remember being in the box. The box was the length of a legal sized envelope and a few inches high. It was lined in a dark fabric, no latch or lock. The gold was dull and I remember there being some sort of pattern on the lid.

I don’t remember her ever telling me I could not look in this box and I don’t think I ever snuck a peek when she was not in the room, but I do recall thinking that the box was private and grown up. Looking back I think it was just a simple box to control clutter and hold things she used on a regular basis. I am sure there were other random things in there that I don’t remember or never saw.


  1. That's interesting. My grandmother had an old smoker's cabinet at her house (i think that's what it's called). It's a small wooden stand about 2.5 ft. tall that's basically a box with legs. The box has a latch and you put your tobacco inside and pipes and such. Then the top of the box held a glass ash tray. I don't remember grandma smoking...i think it belonged to her father. As a child, i LOVED to play with it; it was "kid size". Great for putting dolls inside or hiding/stashing things away. She passed away in 2006. When the family was given an opportunity to ask for things that were hers, that was my first request. Thankfully,everyone was ok with that. I use it now to hold guitar strings, picks, and cleaner for my guitars. It is a special piece of furniture. Similar to your golden box. It's funny the things that become treasures to us.

  2. what a cool memory. makes you wonder how you knew to respect it, doesn't it?