Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coffee Shop

I am sitting in a coffee shop late on a Wednesday afternoon and a young guy and girl are here to hang his art. It looks to be silk screened onto some sort of canvas. He is using push pins in the wall and then precariously balancing the frame of the canvas onto the wall. He also looks like he is going to jump out of his skin due to nervous energy. He is wearing a floppy fishing hat and seems to want to crawl inside so no one see him. No one is paying attention to him really. I can only assume that this is a relief as well as adding to his anxiety, “What do they hate my art? Do they not even see it?” No one has said a word. One man just looked up annoyed, I am not sure at the art or that the girl that has arrived with the young man is straightening the piece just hung behind him and it has slipped from the push pin and made a loud noise. I think they may be depictions of celebrities, though exactly which ones I am not sure.

It has been ten minutes since the young man and woman left. One of his pieces just fell from the wall. Everyone looked around wondering who was going to care enough to pick it up. A girl with long brown hair just slowly rose from her table and walked over pulling the piece from the floor and propping it up so that at least it is no longer face down.

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  1. I'm so glad someone did that. I would have, I think. I can't even let a mitten lie unattended on the ground.